Figure 5

Clinical, histopathological and surgical evaluations of persistent oropharyngeal membrane case in a calf

Vehbi Gunes*, Gultekin Atalan, Latife Cakir Bayram, Kemal Varol, Hanifi Erol, Ihsan Keles and Ali C Onmaz

Published: 05 August, 2019 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 021-025


Figure 5:

5 A-H: Oropharynx. Mucous membrane with stratified squamous epithelium. This is the mucosa of the oropharyngeal aspect of the soft palate. the connective tissue papillae (a) are of moderate/high height and the stratified squamous epithelium (se) is not keratinized. Mucus secreting glands open onto the surface (arrowed). Propria-submucosa contains mucous glands (B) and lymphoid tissues. Muscularis externa (m), formed by skeletal muscle fibers. H&E stain; bar = 10 μm (A), bar = 50 μm (E-H), bar = 100 μm (B,C,D,F).

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