Figure 1

Clinical, histopathological and surgical evaluations of persistent oropharyngeal membrane case in a calf

Vehbi Gunes*, Gultekin Atalan, Latife Cakir Bayram, Kemal Varol, Hanifi Erol, Ihsan Keles and Ali C Onmaz

Published: 05 August, 2019 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 021-025


Figure 1:

1 A-D: Oropharengeal and nasopharengeal endoscopic images of oropharangeal membrane, A: General appearences of oropharenx with congenital anomaly. Yellow arrow; congenital oropharengeal membran, blue arrow; diverticulum dorsal to oropharengeal membran, blue star; caudal of tonque, B: Near plan image of diverticulum inflated with air. Yellow star; blind sac at the end of diverticulum, C: Coagulated milk accumulation at the end of blind sac (green arrow), D: Broncoscop application via nasal approach, larynx imaging at back of oropharengeal membran (yellow arrow), intermediate wall of oropharengeal membran.

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